Bento #4: Leftovers, remixed.

Leftover chicken cooked up in teriyaki sauce, broccoli, grape tomatoes,
boiled udon noodles, pear slices, and badly-edited underexposure.
Also panda soy sauce.

I told you I'd actually cook this morning.


Bento #3: Leftovers. FASCINATING

Leftover pasta salad and chicken, sautéed asparagus, cherry tomatoes, and a
goofy Japanese custard pudding thing. There's ketchup in the sauce apple.

Nothing too fancy or interesting today, sorry. Not even a very good picture (cell phones and campus lighting wooo). Classes started today, though, and at quarter to seven and still needing to take a shower I didn't really feel like cooking anything much.

From now on, though, all of my classes will start at 10 am soooo I'll cook something worth looking at tomorrow I swear guh


Bento #2: Grilled Chicken and Pasta Salad

Grilled chicken, broccoli pasta salad with buttermilk dressing, cherry tomatoes, pear slices, and panda cookies. Also someone needs to iron their Target towels orz

Say hello to my other bento box. The two tiers usually make for a little more food than I can handle, but I didn't eat breakfast today so it's all good.

Now I just have to figure out what to make tomorrow. L-L-L-LEFTOVERS ANYONE

p.s. those little baby chopsticks that came with it are impossible how does anyone use them I don't even


Bento #1: PBJ + Introductions!

peanut-butter and jelly sandwich (on low-cal bread, don't judge me) propped up
with cherry tomatoes; apple slices; little adorable baby cheese

Alright, well- with the school year about to begin, I should probably introduce myself.

I'll be your professor for the new blog year. My name is India, and this is my lunch.