Bento #51: Higgely-Piggely Bento

Grilled rice ball, carrot kinpira, turkey, veggies, and fruit; approx. 225 cal

well sort of a grilled rice ball i sorta tried making one and then it fell apart in the pan and so i kinda half fried-rice'd it and then made a rice ball out of the fail rice and um LOOK I MADE KINPIRA

it's not as stupidly cold today just dreary and snowy i wish it would be sunny so i could take nice picturessss

aaand well my 10:00 class got cancelled so i guess i should go eat this thing and play ragnarok

i mean

work on my c++ homework

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Bento #50: 50th Bento! Also COLD AUGH

Leftover steamed rice and seafood-and-spinach stir-fry (approx. 350 cal)

sssoooo i pretty much froze my face off on the walk to campus this morning

on the bright side: have a new bento box for the blog's 50th bento


it's another donburi and it is the cutest thing


and now it is full of lunch and i can't think of anything else to say i know this blog can be riveting sometimes

oh well thank you marisaaa <3

c-can i go back to bed now?


Un-Bento #15: Breakfast of Champions

Poached egg on low-cal toast with fake butter; approx. 175 cal.
if there's one good thing my old stepmom ever did it was making this for breakfast 

it freaked me out at first mostly because of the runny yolk i just couldn't get around it not being cooked

i'm slowly getting over that 

mostly because uncooked yolks are freaking delicious
mmm yolkssss
now i bet you would like to know how to make this masterpiece of cooking wouldn't you



poached eggs on toast

an egg
two pieces of bread OR JUST ONE IF YOU ARE A SISSY
butter for your toast
salt and pepper to taste

  1. get a pot of water alllmost boiling but not quite
  2. when there are bubbles all along the bottom put in a little splash of vinegar but not a ton (you want the egg to hold together not taste like pickles)
  3. stir in the vinegar and make sure the water is moving in a circle (this wraps the bits of egg around the middle when you put it in see)
  4. crack the egg into the water
  5. turn the heat down and let the egg cook for a few minutes until the white isn't clear anymore BUT DON'T LET IT BOIL unless you like a potful of vinegar-smelling egg foam (hint: you don't)
  7. scoop out with a slotted spoon or a fork or something and put on a paper towel to drain
  8. put between pieces of toast
9. devour


Bento #49: FRUITS OTL

PBJ on low-cal bread, apple slices, cucumber, and a turkey roll. (approx. 300 calories)

s-so it's been a little bit since i cooked anything

i'm going to have to go shopping soon


we are finally back in school

after a first-day-snow-day aha

who cares about that though

have some fruit
pea-grapes, kumquat orange, and a lemon-zest banana
three classes and practice today FINALLY I CAN USE MY OWN GEAR

s-sorry history club

i'll be aroundddd


Un-Bento #14: Completely Smitten

mmmm cookiessss
so my biffle shauna came to visit for a fancy-dress party this weekend how cool is that

it is so cool

what is also cool

is we both like to cook



a-am i a real food blogger yet?;
now i will extoll the virtues of smitten kitchen to pretty much anyone who will listen and also um anyone who won't

i love this woman and her cooking 

i have never been disappointed and i've made like

a lot of things by deb's word

if i want to make something or have a question i go there first

so today's post is sort of inspired by her awesome photography
haven't been failed yet mm
i- i mean 

yeah i need some work but i tried aha;;

um um here have some recipes

delicious blueberry crumb bars mmm (barely adapted from smitten kitchen)

for the crust:
1 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 cups flour
1 cup cold unsalted butter (we used salted and skipped the extra salt it was all we had aaa;)
1 larg
1/4 teaspoon salt
zest of one lemon (the yellow part of the peel but not the white part)

for the blueberry part:
juice of one lemon (use the same one as you zested don't be like us)
4 cups blueberries
1/2 cup granulated sugar
4 teaspoons cornstarch

  • preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (or 190 degrees if you are european or from canada) and also grease a 9×13 inch pan
  • stir together 1 cup sugar, the flour, and the baking powder in a bowl and then mix in the salt and the lemon zest
  • use a fork or pastry cutter (or a food processor HA SHORTCUTS) and cut in the egg and butter
  • take half the crumbly delicious dough and cover up the bottom of the pan with it 
  • take another bowl and whisk together the lemon juice and cornstarch and sugar
  • wash the blueberries and dump them in there and mix it around but don't smoosh the berries!
  • pour the blueberries over the crust in the pan and then crumble the second half of the dough over the top
  • bake this masterpiece for about 45 minutes until the crumbles are slightly browned and the blueberries are bubbling
  • let it cool completely and then eat itttt

india's current favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe (also barely adapted from smitten kitchen)

2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup unsalted butter, melted
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
1 egg
1 egg yolk
2 cups semisweet MINI chocolate chips
  • preheat the oven to 325 degrees F (or 165 C) and either grease up your cookie sheets or put down parchment paper or a silpat or something
  • stir together the flour and baking soda and salt and set them aside
  • in a different bowl cream together the melted butter and brown sugar and white sugar
  • beat in the vanilla and egg pieces until it gets big and smooth and fluffy and then mix in the floury ingredients BUT DON'T MIX IT TOO MUCH
  • stir in the chocolate chips and drop tablespoonfuls of cookie dough onto the prepared sheets (about 3" apart or they'll moosh together which is totally okay but not very pretty)
  • bake them for about 10-12 minutes (it took 14 in my mom's oven so just take them out when they start to get a liiiittle toasty around the edges)
  • let them cool a little if you can stand it then eat themmm


    Bento #48: Aquarium!

    BENTO FROM HELL leaked all over my favorite tokidoki bag 
    grumble grumble

    s-so on sunday the derby damez went to the new england aquarium \o/

    it was kind of a blast 

    i got to the pub too early and actually ran into another skater at the works while i was getting a bagel to kill time (I'M SO BAD WITH NAMES HNNGH I'LL HAVE THEM ALL DOWN SOON I'M DOING BETTER) which was funny but she wasn't going on the trip sadly

    BUT aside from a lot of stops on the way and death ann almost blowing up having to pee on the way to alewife we made it and it was very fun
    bubble teeeeea it's not tea stop but it's better than nothing 
    which is what i get here
    i don't have a lot of pictures of the aquarium partly because it was dark and my phone does not take the best pictures and partly because we were being given a lovely tour by the lovely leah (as seen gesturing conversationally in the photo above- she works with the sea turtles how fricken' cool is that) and i didn't want to miss anything

    but i do have pictures of the improv everywhere no-pants subway ride we ran into


    b-but i don't like to brag <3
    'we forgot our pants' YEAH RIGHT 


    Bento #47: Donburiiiii

    Chicken and beef stir-fry and steamed rice. (approx. 350 cal)
    another new box to try out todayyy

    i-it's got bunnies on it which makes it super-exciting

    this one was from my sister thanks evaaa <3

    i haven't had a donburi box before (one tier specifically for rice, one for stuff to put over the rice) and now i have two so you'll see another soon \o/



    Bento #46: I'm Baaaack

    Leftover shepherd's pie, leftover broccoli, blueberries, and vanilla yogurt- 
    approx. a million calories and a kind of ugly photo

    s-see i told you i'd cook today

    if you call cooking yesterday and the day before and heating them up again cooking;

    but i've cut my calories down again so now is as good a time as any to use up the temptation of the shepherd's pie in the fridge why did i make a whole pan whyyyy
    Vanilla + cinnamon = tastes good man

    this is all packed in one of the new boxes i got this christmas

    it's got little nesting dolls and some (from what i can tell; only took one semester) sorta nonsense french on it

    gotta love it
    You are french and make no sense but you are cute so I forgive you

    like my other long two-tier box it has the problem of being kind of hard to fill when it isn't just rice in the small tier but i think i'll figure it out

    thanks mom <3


    Un-Bento #13: Last Un-Bento for Awhile I Swear;;

    I-it's just my skates came is all.

    s-so um i'm back in keene and um

    my skate stuff caaaaame

    but the boots are too smaaaaall

    so um i guess i'll have to return them and get new ones

    i've had fun flailing around my apartment (WHOSE FLOOR IS DEFINITELY NOT LEVEL I AM NOT IMAGINING THIS FFF) on them for awhile though so i guess that's alright even if they pinched my toes

    i'll just have to borrow skates again this week orz

    happy new year everybody and i'll get cooking again tomorrow you can count on me

    And my wheeeeeeeeelssssss man this lens rocks