Bento #39: Alfredoooo

Quick-and-dirty chicken and mushrooms alfredo. (approx. 670 calories)

and you know what i'm not scared of that number because i didn't eat breakfast and i was starving when i went to bed last night so screw it i'm eating all of this


Bento #38: BEARRRRR

Rice, nori bear, egg, cheese, and chicken teriyaki.

okay i can't take credit for this the bear idea totally came from e-obento.com

i'm too tired to say anything about this

but he was tasty



Bento #37: Welcome to Chinese Foooooood

Leftover Chinese AWWWRIIIIGHT (approx. don't even want to know)

man this was tough i had to press like three buttons on the microwave

the things i do for this blog

at least i don't usually try to make my sizzler replacements too pretty



Ugly rice with black seasame, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes from the garden
at home, baby cheese, and milk cookies.

i sort of just didn't make lunch today but here is what is actually the
first bento i made for this blog

onnnn the day i crashed my bike

My hand isn't this fat I swear it's just swollen as hell aha the next day I
thought it was broken it got so big orz

so that was august 18 and well there's a reason this blog didn't start until ten days later i couldn't hold a knife let alone do dishes or cook haha

got some pretty nice road rash on one shoulder too and one leg was basically completely bruise for a week or so

so now i have some pretty hand scars and an idiot story



Bento #35: Couscous THE SEQUEL

Couscous with grilled chicken and sautéed mushrooms. (approx. 470 wait what)

a million calories today but hey i am starving and it looks wicked tasty

p.s. will i ever run out of striped shirts

p.p.s. NO NEVER


Bento #34: Sandwich

Turkey and sprout sandwich with light mayo, celery sticks, and a baby cheese.
(approx. 225 cal)

i feel awful this week i have no drive to do anything hnng i want to sleep for the rest of the week

at least i have a movie to watch later whee

and new headphones on the way

also apparently calorie count's calculators are only accurate if you're over 21 and so i should be eating like 1600-1800 calories instead of 1200

i feel nervous about jumping back up though i'll probably just gain everything i lost back and not be able to get rid of it again



Bento #33: whoops

so i may have

totally just been so relieved to get out of my computer architecture exam that i

just ate basically my entire bento and forgot to take a picture


my bad?

it wasn't very interesting anyway orz


Bento #32: Couscouscouscouscous

Couscous, sprout salad, scrambled egg white, and raisins (approx. shut up)

today has been a Day


Bento #31: More Leftovers

Leftover seitan and broccoli stir-fry and rice and a tomato quarter
(approx. 270 cal)

oh god i have so much to do this week

didn't make a bento yesterday didn't really eat yesterday until dinner aaa

busy busy busy

also now that i look at it i own a lot of shirts with stripes don't i


Bento #30: Pasta Salad

Tuna salad with bow ties, Asian pear slices, and a tomato salad.

EDIT: working again; fixed

well blogger is only showing my hard drive as it was on september 27 (???) so i can't upload a photo for you today

but it is on flickr here



Bento #29: Failpenguin

Spaghetti, a penguin meatball, and some veggies. (approx. 300 cal)

i am so busy and so out of ideas lately i need to like just sit down and draw a bunch of lunchboxes orz


Bento #28: Go Awaaay

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, asian pear slices, and sprout salad.
(approx. 265 cal)

rain rain i want to go back to bed


Bento #27: Fall Colors

Sautéed asparagus, chicken and rosemary tortellini, a tiny apple, sprout salad,
and carrot pumpkins. (approx. 250 cal)

i went apple picking on sunday!

b-but i've been running low on inspiration can you tell


Bento #26: AUGH LATE

Chicken and shrimp pad thai, broccoli, and a boiled egg. (approx. too many cal)

so i was totally working on a cute little kyaraben thing and everything was fine and dandy and then my other egg fell apart and the pad thai shrank when i heated it up and then this egg didn't cut smoothly and i was running late for class and whatever it'll be tasty even if it looks kind of unfortunate


Bento #25: ROBOTS

turkey and sprout sandwich with light mayo, apple slices, wheat thin robot
(approx. 170 cal.)

happy binary day!