Un-Bento #12: A Good Haul

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II. Blog pictures will be fun from now on~

so what did everybody get for christmas

i got some fun stuff

i hope everyone had a good day and that nobody is getting stuck in this blizzard we're supposed to be having

merry christmas!

I hope we get snowed in so I can read thissss <3


Un-Bento #11: The Christmas Taco

so at our house on christmas eve our family does something that is apparently kind of weird

see nobody except my stepdad really ever wants a whole 'nother turkey dinner like a month after thanksgiving

i don't want to eat one

nobody wants to cook one

i'm usually in the kitchen all day making christmas presents this time of year anyway because spoilers everyone gets cookies

so we do the christmas taco

it's fast

it's easy

it's red and green

what more do you people want

it'll be christmas in 13 minutes i need to play more ragnarok i mean play with the android phone i got for making the dean's list this semester (3.85 baby awww yeahhhh) i mean uh sleep and wait for santa yes




The latest Hanukkah cookies.
s-so our family is roughly as late as three late things and we are having our Hanukkah party tomorrow night

we have a big yankee swap every year and being in college i don't really ever have much to contribute so i thought i'd make up a box of cookies and truffles

oreo cheesecake truffles

i know you're interested now

Sad naked truffles. :c
they're made by food processing a package of oreo cookies and mixing the whole thing in with an 8-ounce glub of cream cheese

roll them into balls and refrigerate for a short period of time until they stop being greasy and falling apart

they are delicious

e-especially after you cover them in chocolate and or more oreo crumblies

anyway here's a dreidel cookie for funsies
and the recipe for extra funsies:

delicious non-denominational sugar cookies

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt (or less if you use salted butter)
      • 3/4 cup butter
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  1. preheat oven to 325 degrees F (~165 C)
  2. combine the flour and salt in a middly-size bowl
  3. cream the butter and sugar with an electric mixer until it's super fluffy and awesome
  4. add the egg and vanilla and beat until well blended
  5. scrape down sides of bowl and add the flour mix and then beat it until it's combined BUT DON'T MIX IT TOO MUCH (it will seem like it is too dry and not mixy and terrible but do the next part anyway)
  6. gather the dough into a ball then make the ball into a disk and refrigerate until cold (like an hour or so)
  7. roll out dough on a floured surface or between two pieces of parchment paper (rubber spacers make uniform rolling easy)
  8. use cookie cutters to make fun shapes and then bake for 13 minutes

delicious non-denominational royal icing

$7.99 plus tax because connecticut is lame like that
  1. drive to joanne fabrics
  2. buy royal icing in a bottle
  3. once at home try to open the cap by stabbing
  4. after stabbing hand realize that cap twists open like glue
  5. microwave bottle according to package directions
  6. frost cookies
  7. decorate cookies with sugar if you want or just leave icing to dry


Un-Bento #9: Cooked Meat

Homemade beef stewwww <3 THANKS MOM

w-well finals are over and so i am home for a little bit for christmas

i have plans for the new year but now i'm not sure if i'll be able to hit up the party at the barn

but you know what 

home-cooked meals and family 

so there <3


Bento #45: Last Day of Classes!

Tamagoyaki, veggies, riceball, and butter cookies leftover from my History Club 
yankee swap gift.
today is my last day of classes

one is already over

i just have to hand in a writing portfolio at two and i'm done with real work and on to makeup work

if i can just finish it fffff i need to redo like everything againnnn
at least i have delicious yums to fuel me except it's decorate-your-own-gingerbread-man at the dc today so i might just eat six of those \o/


Un-Bento #8: Fresh Meat

wrist guards have metaly things on the backs too
two not-bentos in a row i'm a champ huh

buuuuut i got put on skates for the first time yesterday

i sucked hardcore and i hurt today but it was super fun
a-at least now i know how to fall

assuming my wednesday final doesn't take me out i should be able to go to both practices

and i am Excite


Un-Bento #7: Happy Hanukkah!

i had a hanukkah party tonight!

mostly as an excuse to make delicious food hurr <3

i am actually really proud of myself i mean look at that bread

i made that bread from scratch

like with yeast and rising and punching and rolling and braiding and egg washing and everything

it was amazing

and will make incredible french toast tomorrow morning~

also there was kugel that i might even call a little too vanilla-y but i'm not complaining

and last but not least 

i mean really would it be hanukkah without latkes?

even if mine were not very pretty they were delicious and that alone sets them apart from last year's \o/


Bento #44: Hamburger Steak, New Box

Hamburger steaks, rice, spinach, and way-too-good-to-the-point-of-being-
weird-for-December-in-New-Hampshire fruit.

s-so i got a new bento box for the first night of hanukkah <3

t-thanks mommm

p.s. sorry about the weird exposure in the main photo it's hard to get the right settings on a cloudy day;;

Say hi to little red <3

this box is actually perfect- it holds 530 mL which is just right for a middle-sized box (the light green one-tier holds 450 i think and the big two-tier red holds closer to 650-700)

plus unlike the other two-tier i have it has snaps instead of being held together with an elastic band which is Very Cool

and i haven't had a blue one before NEW COLORS I CAN REUSE SHIRTS AS BACKDROPS HOORAY


Bento #43: Leftovers, Thanksgiving Edition

Turkey, bread-and-bacon stuffing, homemade orange cranberry sauce, 
and mashataters.

i think i can eat one more meal of this before i get sick and tired of it aha

i sorta had two thanksgivings and a holiday party this weekend so i have basically been eating this since thursday like the rest of you just more so

weep weep chomp cronch sob


Un-Bento #6: TURKEE

going home for a couple days- happy thanksgiving everybody!

eat lots of delicious fooooood

or if you're in canada remember eating lots of delicious fooooood

or if you're anywhere else be disgusted with americaaaaa

p.s. opinions on the new layout?;;


Bento #42: Late-Night Double Feature Be-ento?

Old leftover rice, tamagoyaki, quick scary melting cheesemouth aagh

whuuugh so uh yeah 24-hour musical GUESS WHAT SHOW IT IS

also guess how crappy a bento is possible when you're running out the door after four hours of sleep because you couldn't go home until three and danced the time warp a thousand and forty seven times





Steamed rice and mushroom sauce. All of the calories.
wow so um h-has it really been two weeks already

um um my bad

here is an old bento from sometime last week that i just never posted about because i'm lazy and awful and i'll be getting back on the ball next week i promise wah


Un-Bento #5: Excuse Our Ugly

playing with templates and such - don't judge me too hard i'm just trying to figure out which elements go where so BRIGHT SHINY COLORS WOO orz


Un-Bento #4: You Can Hide Out Under There

i just made you say 'underwear'

made a bento today but forgot to take a picture because my ears are trying to itch themselves out of my head and also it is sleeting

have some OCD underpants instead

am i the only one who rolls them up for easy access i don't know i like can't function right if they're all just thrown in there




Bento #40: Mushrooms!

Fake mushroom, real mushrooms, shrimp, cheese stick, carrots, udon, and
blueberries. Possibly the most things I've put in a bento ever.




Un-Bento #3: Quick Explanation

pretty sure no one wants to look at a few days of rolled up lunch meat and
various liquids

i haven't given up on this place it's just that all i have been eating for the last few days is rice and eggs and this applesauce i made really

i could have done some decorating and things but i really didn't have too much motivation

also i went to the rally to restore sanity and haven't been around since thursday really and now my throat is exploding haha;;

b-but i'm going grocery shopping today or tomorrow and as soon as this is completed i will start cooking things again i promise

peace out happy november


Bento #39: Alfredoooo

Quick-and-dirty chicken and mushrooms alfredo. (approx. 670 calories)

and you know what i'm not scared of that number because i didn't eat breakfast and i was starving when i went to bed last night so screw it i'm eating all of this


Bento #38: BEARRRRR

Rice, nori bear, egg, cheese, and chicken teriyaki.

okay i can't take credit for this the bear idea totally came from e-obento.com

i'm too tired to say anything about this

but he was tasty



Bento #37: Welcome to Chinese Foooooood

Leftover Chinese AWWWRIIIIGHT (approx. don't even want to know)

man this was tough i had to press like three buttons on the microwave

the things i do for this blog

at least i don't usually try to make my sizzler replacements too pretty



Ugly rice with black seasame, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes from the garden
at home, baby cheese, and milk cookies.

i sort of just didn't make lunch today but here is what is actually the
first bento i made for this blog

onnnn the day i crashed my bike

My hand isn't this fat I swear it's just swollen as hell aha the next day I
thought it was broken it got so big orz

so that was august 18 and well there's a reason this blog didn't start until ten days later i couldn't hold a knife let alone do dishes or cook haha

got some pretty nice road rash on one shoulder too and one leg was basically completely bruise for a week or so

so now i have some pretty hand scars and an idiot story



Bento #35: Couscous THE SEQUEL

Couscous with grilled chicken and sautéed mushrooms. (approx. 470 wait what)

a million calories today but hey i am starving and it looks wicked tasty

p.s. will i ever run out of striped shirts

p.p.s. NO NEVER


Bento #34: Sandwich

Turkey and sprout sandwich with light mayo, celery sticks, and a baby cheese.
(approx. 225 cal)

i feel awful this week i have no drive to do anything hnng i want to sleep for the rest of the week

at least i have a movie to watch later whee

and new headphones on the way

also apparently calorie count's calculators are only accurate if you're over 21 and so i should be eating like 1600-1800 calories instead of 1200

i feel nervous about jumping back up though i'll probably just gain everything i lost back and not be able to get rid of it again



Bento #33: whoops

so i may have

totally just been so relieved to get out of my computer architecture exam that i

just ate basically my entire bento and forgot to take a picture


my bad?

it wasn't very interesting anyway orz


Bento #32: Couscouscouscouscous

Couscous, sprout salad, scrambled egg white, and raisins (approx. shut up)

today has been a Day


Bento #31: More Leftovers

Leftover seitan and broccoli stir-fry and rice and a tomato quarter
(approx. 270 cal)

oh god i have so much to do this week

didn't make a bento yesterday didn't really eat yesterday until dinner aaa

busy busy busy

also now that i look at it i own a lot of shirts with stripes don't i


Bento #30: Pasta Salad

Tuna salad with bow ties, Asian pear slices, and a tomato salad.

EDIT: working again; fixed

well blogger is only showing my hard drive as it was on september 27 (???) so i can't upload a photo for you today

but it is on flickr here



Bento #29: Failpenguin

Spaghetti, a penguin meatball, and some veggies. (approx. 300 cal)

i am so busy and so out of ideas lately i need to like just sit down and draw a bunch of lunchboxes orz


Bento #28: Go Awaaay

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, asian pear slices, and sprout salad.
(approx. 265 cal)

rain rain i want to go back to bed


Bento #27: Fall Colors

Sautéed asparagus, chicken and rosemary tortellini, a tiny apple, sprout salad,
and carrot pumpkins. (approx. 250 cal)

i went apple picking on sunday!

b-but i've been running low on inspiration can you tell


Bento #26: AUGH LATE

Chicken and shrimp pad thai, broccoli, and a boiled egg. (approx. too many cal)

so i was totally working on a cute little kyaraben thing and everything was fine and dandy and then my other egg fell apart and the pad thai shrank when i heated it up and then this egg didn't cut smoothly and i was running late for class and whatever it'll be tasty even if it looks kind of unfortunate


Bento #25: ROBOTS

turkey and sprout sandwich with light mayo, apple slices, wheat thin robot
(approx. 170 cal.)

happy binary day!


Bento #24: Quiet Night House

Turkey sandwich with light mayo and nori, gala apple slices, sprout salad,
LOLcheese decorations, and a few scattered Moomins (approx. 190 cal total)

it's raining again and i'm feeling really sad this morning

as much as i would like to take a mental health day though i really should probably go in since you know i only have two classes and tomorrow off

i just don't want to do anything or talk to anyone today really

gamers' guild will be interesting orz


Bento #23: Boring Rice Balls

Top tier: rice balls with umeboshi filling, sprout salad (approx. 175 cal)
Bottom tier: Nutella-filled strawberry, raisins, pickled carrots, cheese and
turkey (approx. 210 cal)

look! a background!

still though i'm the most boring on the days i have the most time to make things i think orz

to my credit though i did start out by trying to make a rabbit riceball and just failed it thoroughly



Bento #22: Rainy Day Sandwich

PB&J mini-sandwiches, apple slices, sprout salad, and cheese umbrellas


totally pulling from yum yum bento box again today but you know what

it rained all day yesterday

it's going to rain all day today

aaand probably tomorrow too so i will try to enjoy it somehow


Bento #21 : Traditional Sicky Lazy

Steamed rice, tamagoyaki, boiled snap peas, and a miso soup ball.

woke up with a sore throat and dry sinuses and wanted soup

soup does not travel well

so i made a miso soup ball according to the directions at just bento

hot water costs 20 cents at the cafe on campus so this isn't so bad

should i start listing the calories for mine like maki does?