Bento #57: Near-death Bento, Attempt II

leftover rice, grilled teriyaki salmon, and blanched spinach (approx. 450 cal)

a very simple box to try to ease back into the bento-making groove wheeee

w-welp a lot of things sure have changed since my last post orz

for one i um passed my second assessments which means i can officially bout now

i'll be debuting either the 14th against burlington (unlikely) or on the 21st against NHRD (definitely)

freaking out aaaaa

and um i also officially hit 70 lbs lost \o/ just a few more to go aha it'll be weird getting used to not counting again haha

b-but the semester's over and i'm getting back into the vacation-y groove

at least until summer courses start on the 16th


but hey um lunchtime's back?

i'm calling this near-death attempt II because i'm gonna take it on the same bike ride i took when i smashed myself to smitheroons last summer

w-wish me luck aaaa

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