Un-Bento #17: Ffffffinals

Tortellini soup, kind of sketchily old milk, and an inch-thick grilled cheese sandwich.

sooooo um wow a lot has happened in twenty days

like elm city's season opener and uh i skated the boston marathon with the ladies

my weight is in the 120s which it hasn't been since iiii don't know fifth grade?

and i'm almost done with my third year of college how scary is that

i have reading logs for five textbooks and a presentation due tomorrow at 4 that together make up 40% of my grade for my theater class

and two C++ programs due at 6

which is actually 3:30 because that theater class meets from 4-6

basically what i'm saying is i shouldn't be blogging right now but i wanted to show off my sandwich

it was a good sandwich

n-now back to the books before i have to strap my skates on again orz

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