Bento #5: Tamagoyaki and Udon Noodles

Tamagoyaki with apple-cup ketchup, stir-fried fat udon, broccoli, grape
tomatoes, an ugly lemon bar, and watermelon.

Look it's something that actually looks sort of Asian on top yaay

I swear, the easiest way to make anything awesome is to stir-fry it in garlic and soy sauce. Probably even that lemon bar, but I'll try it as is first. Just to, you know, make sure. As a contrHOLD ON WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME THERE WAS BROCCOLI STUCK TO MY BENTO BOX THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING WHUUHHHGHH


  1. um, excuse me but you've got some broccoli stuck... oh, there. You got it! Keepposting. Your pix are great! Whats the rolled up thing?

  2. T-thank you! I like having a blog, haha; it kind of holds me accountable and makes me make sure I make cute things make make

    And the rolled-up thing is called tamagoyaki; it's a type of omelet you make by cooking thin layers of egg and rolling them to one side in the pan as they cook. KATAMARI EGGS WOO