Bento #44: Hamburger Steak, New Box

Hamburger steaks, rice, spinach, and way-too-good-to-the-point-of-being-
weird-for-December-in-New-Hampshire fruit.

s-so i got a new bento box for the first night of hanukkah <3

t-thanks mommm

p.s. sorry about the weird exposure in the main photo it's hard to get the right settings on a cloudy day;;

Say hi to little red <3

this box is actually perfect- it holds 530 mL which is just right for a middle-sized box (the light green one-tier holds 450 i think and the big two-tier red holds closer to 650-700)

plus unlike the other two-tier i have it has snaps instead of being held together with an elastic band which is Very Cool

and i haven't had a blue one before NEW COLORS I CAN REUSE SHIRTS AS BACKDROPS HOORAY


  1. Great new box! I LOVE the way you filled it though, it's perfect. I wish this was my lunch today... yummy!