Bento #45: Last Day of Classes!

Tamagoyaki, veggies, riceball, and butter cookies leftover from my History Club 
yankee swap gift.
today is my last day of classes

one is already over

i just have to hand in a writing portfolio at two and i'm done with real work and on to makeup work

if i can just finish it fffff i need to redo like everything againnnn
at least i have delicious yums to fuel me except it's decorate-your-own-gingerbread-man at the dc today so i might just eat six of those \o/


  1. Yay for classes being over!!! I hope you got all A's! With bentos like that, how could you not?!?!?

  2. it's a big relief aha just one more final left and i'm all set hee

    a-and thank you so much! <3