Un-Bento #7: Happy Hanukkah!

i had a hanukkah party tonight!

mostly as an excuse to make delicious food hurr <3

i am actually really proud of myself i mean look at that bread

i made that bread from scratch

like with yeast and rising and punching and rolling and braiding and egg washing and everything

it was amazing

and will make incredible french toast tomorrow morning~

also there was kugel that i might even call a little too vanilla-y but i'm not complaining

and last but not least 

i mean really would it be hanukkah without latkes?

even if mine were not very pretty they were delicious and that alone sets them apart from last year's \o/


  1. busy busy girl!!! it all looks very yums!

  2. I can attest for the deliciousness of the above food. mmmmmmmmm...

  3. mmmmmmm latkesss <3

    my friends professors wife was making fun of him for eating his latkes with ketchup xD