Un-Bento #15: Breakfast of Champions

Poached egg on low-cal toast with fake butter; approx. 175 cal.
if there's one good thing my old stepmom ever did it was making this for breakfast 

it freaked me out at first mostly because of the runny yolk i just couldn't get around it not being cooked

i'm slowly getting over that 

mostly because uncooked yolks are freaking delicious
mmm yolkssss
now i bet you would like to know how to make this masterpiece of cooking wouldn't you



poached eggs on toast

an egg
two pieces of bread OR JUST ONE IF YOU ARE A SISSY
butter for your toast
salt and pepper to taste

  1. get a pot of water alllmost boiling but not quite
  2. when there are bubbles all along the bottom put in a little splash of vinegar but not a ton (you want the egg to hold together not taste like pickles)
  3. stir in the vinegar and make sure the water is moving in a circle (this wraps the bits of egg around the middle when you put it in see)
  4. crack the egg into the water
  5. turn the heat down and let the egg cook for a few minutes until the white isn't clear anymore BUT DON'T LET IT BOIL unless you like a potful of vinegar-smelling egg foam (hint: you don't)
  7. scoop out with a slotted spoon or a fork or something and put on a paper towel to drain
  8. put between pieces of toast
9. devour

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