Bento #48: Aquarium!

BENTO FROM HELL leaked all over my favorite tokidoki bag 
grumble grumble

s-so on sunday the derby damez went to the new england aquarium \o/

it was kind of a blast 

i got to the pub too early and actually ran into another skater at the works while i was getting a bagel to kill time (I'M SO BAD WITH NAMES HNNGH I'LL HAVE THEM ALL DOWN SOON I'M DOING BETTER) which was funny but she wasn't going on the trip sadly

BUT aside from a lot of stops on the way and death ann almost blowing up having to pee on the way to alewife we made it and it was very fun
bubble teeeeea it's not tea stop but it's better than nothing 
which is what i get here
i don't have a lot of pictures of the aquarium partly because it was dark and my phone does not take the best pictures and partly because we were being given a lovely tour by the lovely leah (as seen gesturing conversationally in the photo above- she works with the sea turtles how fricken' cool is that) and i didn't want to miss anything

but i do have pictures of the improv everywhere no-pants subway ride we ran into


b-but i don't like to brag <3
'we forgot our pants' YEAH RIGHT 


  1. fear not good sir once school starts up again we shall have bubble tea