Bento #50: 50th Bento! Also COLD AUGH

Leftover steamed rice and seafood-and-spinach stir-fry (approx. 350 cal)

sssoooo i pretty much froze my face off on the walk to campus this morning

on the bright side: have a new bento box for the blog's 50th bento


it's another donburi and it is the cutest thing


and now it is full of lunch and i can't think of anything else to say i know this blog can be riveting sometimes

oh well thank you marisaaa <3

c-can i go back to bed now?


  1. wait - how do you get the rice to stay in the top when you close it?

    it very cute...

    dress warm its deadly cold out. cover your face on the way home... remember when you laughed at the idea of a winter face mask?

  2. what an adorable donburi bento set! may I ask where its from? cute bento blog :D

  3. oops aa i didn't see these comments it doesn't tell me when people say things ffu

    @mom- it's the same on the top as on the bottom- the stir-fry is sitting on top of the lid just for photography purposes

    @birdy- i-it was a gift so i'm not sure where it came from but i can ask! and thank you aaa coming from you that's really something <3;;