skates all pimped out thanks to shauna yeahhhhh \o/
s-so i've been really bad about keeping up with this blog and thinking of new things to cook orz

it's getting to that point in the semester where i go to class and then basically want to pass out in bed afterward but i can't because i have homework and skating and blah blah

i'm trying thoughhhh

l-like today even though i was late i still cooked
we sorta got homework to do a daily chore on our skates and well i sometimes do the dishes on wheels and i try to do the roller derby workout with them on on most days we aren't skating 

but i'm not falling on my face every four seconds anymore even if my apartment floor is slanty (nothing like roller skates to figure that out) soooo i figured why not try handling hot pans and knives on roller skates

i mean what could possibly go wrong
surprisingly nothing
so um um tl;dr i know my cooking is a little less impressive lately but give me until the end of the semester and i'll get back on track like i was last summer i promise


  1. thats not bad for hot pans, sharp knives, tilty floors and roller skates!

    at least I know you are alive!

  2. i am aliiiiiive i'll call you after class haha <3