Bento #55: Carb-tastic Bento

Chicken ravioli, apple slices, vanilla cookies, konpeito, and broccoli
(approx. a lot of calories)

w-well today's the big day

if i pass the assessment today i'll officially stop being fresh meat

i'll be able to hit and take hits and scrimmage within our own team

after level 2's i'll be able to scrimmage outside and after level 3 i'm ready to bout i think

it won't be in time for the first bout of the season but better late than never

i just really hope nobody takes my name before i get my stuff / it doesn't get rejected

there's one 'high' match when i check it against the database but the two that even remotely match it are closer to one another than mine is to either of them

crossing fingerssss;;

UPDATE: i passed!

i thought my left t-stop needed work and i didn't know we were actually being scored on tomahawk stops so i kinda fucked that up but i finished my 25-in-5 in 4:46 which is a full 30 seconds less than the last time i tried it

s-so bonus

expect a lot more complaining about how much i hurt and stuff now okay

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