Bento #56: Curry Beef Bento

I feel like using punctuation today. WOAH okay breathe i'm kidding

s-so tonight will be my first contact practice now that i've passed my assessment

i'm kinda nervous but i got hit at get skool'd and i lived so i'm also kinda excited

i probably won't pass my next level before our first bout against the killah bees on april 10 but still it's one step closer and i'm So Assitedddd

and hey even debuting halfway through the season is better than never at all hee;

p.s. u-um does anyone actually care about my derby stories or should i just focus on the food aaa i don't have a recipe today just make s&b curry and put it on stuff i don't knowww /flee

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  1. Keep up the roller derby chat! Wish I was that tough ^_^