Bento #57: Leftover Sandwich Bento

Meatloaf sandwich on low-cal bread, sourdough pretzels, hummus, mushrooms, 
and grapes (approx. 400 cal)

w-well i've got food again!

but i don't have any ideeeeassss hnngghhh

i'm so sick of winter i just want it to be spring and then summer and then fall and anything but winterrrr

s-seriously march this year came in like a lion and is going out like a shittier lion

at least it's been consistently above 20 degrees lately

at least this weekend is MORE DERBY \o/ taught by the amazing Muchacho 

b-by the way while i'm linkspamming

we are skating the boston marathon on april 18th to raise money for a scholarship fund in the memory of one of our skater's sisters

it's for a great cause and web donations work now so please 


hint hint

a-and i got to bring two bentos today! <3

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